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AJ-300 Recorder/recording controller

AJ-300 Recorder/Recording Controller

AJ-300 Recorder/Recording Controller

The AJ-300 series drag pen style circular chart recorders are available as single or dual channel. A full PID controller option is also available. The AJ series is capable of accepting both RTD as well as mA input signals. Optional mA retransmission is also available.

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AJ-300 Recorder/Recording Controller
 60500401  Pen Cartridge - Green
 60500402  Pen Cartridge - Red
 64411701  Shunt Resistor, Kit-Ma In/1-5 Vdc
 64414502  Battery, Motherboard
 SP10128103  Chart Motor With Hub
 SP10128407  Pen Motor
 50033701  Nema 4 X Panel Gasket
 60803201  Cover Seal ( 4.75' )
 ET-SMM4  Seal Post - Platen
 64429601  Mounting Bracket
 64432009CN  Motherboard Rec-None-Xps
 64432010CN  Motherboard Cntr-None-Xps
 64432012CN  Motherboard Rec-Rec-Xps
 64432013CN  Motherboard Cntr-Cntr-Xps
 64432014CN  Motherboard Cntr-Rec-Xps
 64433301  Pen Arm With Screws
 64436301  Seal Post/Insert - Case
 SP04623705  Relay Card - 1
 SP04623706  Relay Card - 2
 SP04623707  Relay Card - 4
 SP04623905  Retran Card - Single ( 4 - 20 Ma Out )
 SP04623906  Retran Card - Dual ( 4 - 20 Ma Out )
 SP04624605  Display Cntr-Cntr
 SP04624606  Display Rec-None
 SP04624607  Display Cntr-None
 SP04624608  Display Rec-Rec
 SP04624609  Display Cntr-Rec
 SP10127801  Cable - Display To Stepper Driver
 SP10129101  Complete Pen Mechanism - 1 Pen
 SP10129201  Complete Pen Mechanism - 2 Pen
 SP10129401  Platen Assembly - 1 Pen
 SP10129402  Platen Assembly - 2 Pen
 SP10129407  Platen Assembly - 1 Pen W/Seal And Event Pen
 SP10129408  Platen Assembly - 2 Pen W/Seal And Event Pen
 SP10134101  Cable - 3.5" - Connects To J8 (Post 8/97 Ser #)
 SP56014E0158  Stepper Driver - 2 Pen W/Event Pen
 SP73604017  Cable - 3" - Connects To J3 On Control Board
 SP73604018  Cable - 6.75" - Connects To J2 On Control Board

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