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Anderson-Negele Conductivity Sensors

Another application-specific segment for Anderson-Negele, they offer both a traditional toroidal (inductive) sensor with remote transmitter (HC / DA-2) as well as a unique one-piece sensor/transmitter. Both are specifically designed to monitor and control CIP chemical concentrations to optimize cleaning and protect against chemical over-use. For some specific applications, they can also be used in place of or in conjunction with the ITM-3 for phase transition control. On both styles the probes are coated to provide long-term reliability in harsh CIP applications. And with the broad line of technologies and sensors, they can also provide optimal solutions for all your other CIP system applications.

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ILM Inductive Conductivity Meter

ILM Inductive conductivity meter

Integral (all in one) Inductive sensor-transmitter for the online measurement of process liquid conductivity.

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HC/DA Series Toroidal Conductivity Sensors

HC/DA Series toroidal conductivity sensors

Inductive conductivity sensor for the online measurement of liquid conductivity.

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