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ITM-4 4-Beam turbidity monitor

ITM-4 4-Beam Turbidity Monitor

ITM-4 4-Beam Turbidity Monitor

The Anderson ITM-4 Turbidity meter offers precision measurement of suspended solids through the use of infrared light. Utilizing a 4-beam technology the ITM-4 has multiple emitters and receptors to produce an online, real-time measurement of turbidity that can yield information critical to both process function and product quality. The compact integral design makes installation and set-up easy. But this simplicity in design does not mean that the ITM-4 is short on features. There are standard switching and analog (4-20mA) outputs along with 4 remote selectable ranges that are available to handle different products on the same process line. Specifying the ITM-4 is easy with the line connection size as the only decision that needs to be made. Configuration is done with a simple three button navigation of the on-screen menus that makes selecting units of measure, analog output range, and switch point for your product a quick task. Most important to food and dairy processors is the robust design which offers lower cost of ownership than many other turbidity meters. The LED lamp technology provides longer life than devices utilizing tungsten bulbs and a sapphire lens is resistant to damage commonly found on other lens materials. Since this unit employs multiple beams, fouling of the optics is compensated automatically which significantly reduces the need for servicing. Most importantly the construction is the same rugged watertight stainless steel construction you have come to expect from Anderson. In fact the unit complies to the German IP69K standard which is more stringent that NEMA 4X. Whether the application involves alarming a process when signs of premature filtration failure occur or to provide constant feedback on a solids concentration to ensure product quality, the ITM- 4 offers the needed performance and durability to give years of trouble free operation.

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ITM-4 4-Beam Turbidity Monitor
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