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Anderson-Negele Turbidity Sensors

The fastest growing part of Anderson's analytical line, they offer both “true” 4-beam turbidity sensors (ITM-4) for water and water-like applications, and relative turbidity (ITM-3) sensors for phase transition control. The ITM-4 has been proven to provide almost immediate pay-back in water re-use and contamination protection applications like chill water. And the ITM-3 is the most inexpensive and fool-proof solution for optimizing process start-up, final flush, product changeovers and CIP Flush control. Traditional timers that require adjustment as process and products change can now be replaced by the ITM-3 that provides reproducible transition control regardless of variations in the process. It has also been used to successfully monitor effluent streams to reduce BOD charges in many plants.

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ITM-3 Relative Turbidity Monitor

ITM-3 Relative turbidity monitor

Turbidity sensor using backscatter technology for online relative turbidity measurement.

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ITM-4 4-Beam Turbidity Monitor

ITM-4 4-Beam turbidity monitor

Turbidity meter utilizing multiple beam technology for online measurement of turbidity.

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